Quotable Quote

I was  officer in charge of an inspection team, our job was to carryout the inspection of construction works of under construction harbor. The commander of the harbor was very unpopular among his subordinates due to his very peculiar habits, very soon the same feelings were developed within my team for him. At the end of the visit, a dinner was arranged for us by the construction company. As it was customary,  most of the time I have to sit with that unpopular commander, when I got  time, I went to my team members who were busy in chatting with the construction company staff. When they saw me they greeted me and one of them remarked ” Sir today you are enjoying with great people”. Noting the sarcasm in the comment , I said   ” We must honor a person who has been honored by the God” I looked around  and clearly   see that my comments were not well received by all, a smile automatically came over my face and I continued ” but sometimes God honors some one to dishonor him”. A smile came over the faces of all present and somebody remarked ” Sir it is a Quotable Quote”


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