Breaking the Sound Bearer

In 1986, I was serving in a mountainous region near the  international border, which was active and small arm cross fire was a daily routine. I was sitting outside my residence and heard an explosion, I looked around and saw an air force jet flying along the international border. I was new in the area and rang up an older colleague and asked if he heard that bang and what was it? He replied casually that the aircraft has broken the “sound barrier”. I was new to the terminology and got myself educated on the subject. The sound barrier can be defined in simple words as ” in aerodynamics when an aircraft enters into supersonic speed (faster than the speed of light) from transonic or subsonic speed(less than speed of light), it is referred as crossing the sound barrier”.

Many myths were associated with the sound bearer, it was thought that any aircraft crossing the sound barrier would be burnt, again it was thought that such an aircraft will blast into pieces and so on. Today, supersonic passenger carriers are being planned. In our daily life there are various barriers that keep us  stopping us from doing that is right, there may be barriers of traditions, religion, family, cast, creed, denomination, sect, nationality, law, social status, inferiority or superiority complexes, habits, fellowship, fear etc. These barriers may look formidable from this side as was the myth about breaking the sound barrier. Today, most of the aircraft has got capability to cross the sound barrier, even racing cars are being designed to exceed the speed of sound, it is no more a big deal, similarly, in our life, if we take stand on the correct principles  and remain steadfast, from the hind site we will find most of these barriers as superfluous.


3 thoughts on “Breaking the Sound Bearer

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