Corruption, politics,public and Revolution

Pakistan is undergoing a silent revolution , the perception of public about the need of good governance is radically changing. Historically, Pakistani public has never paid any heed to the governance issues rather focus has always been on religious, cultural and political issues. The middle class that has traditionally been the back bone of any revolution or change had been enjoying sweet dreams. The height of  indifference can be judged from the fact that this class never bothered to even vote in the elections, the traditional voter class has been villagers, uneducated, street people, labour, peasants and the poor . The political parties used to load these simpletons into trucks, tractor trolleys and buses, take them to the polling stations,  making them vote, after voting most of the time leaving them on the road to travel back on foot.

The trend is changing, now the middle class is becoming more active and feeling their responsibility to bring around a change. Why this sleeping giant is rising up now, there are number of reasons:-

 Corruption.The most important is the rampant corruption, the corruption in Pakistan has increased manifold, for all legal works you have to pay illegal gratification and all illegal works become legal after bribery and corrupt practices. Allegedly President Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Senior Ministers and their hand picked cronies are involved in organized multi-billion corruption scandels
Media. Ironically the media has been liberalized by a so called Dictator General Pervez Musharaf instead of Political Governments. Now this news hungry media is bring up every corruption scandal before the public. Corruption  Scandal that were previously discussed in chambers are now being discussed in the Prime Time TV shows.

Judiciary. Judiciary has won its freedom through street protests, middle class now feel that change can be brought about by struggle. Independent Judiciary is  taking Suo Moto notice of all major corruption scandals, resulting in massive awareness about the corruption being carried out by ruling collation.

Inflation. The double digit inflation mainly due to corruption and mismanagement is bring the middle towards the poverty line. The employees, small and medium businessmen and young educated lot really feel threatened and want a change, Imran Khan, a cricketer turned politician is gaining popularity due to clean record and he is making waves through his speeches and interviews.

Above mentioned factors and other allied factors are making  a good recipe for revolution. Presence of independent judiciary, free media and patriotic army is making this revolution the silent one.

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