Famous Churches – Saints Peter and Paul (San Pedro, San Pablo) Church, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

The Church is now called by locals as “San Pedro, San Pablo” or, it was renowned as the Bantayan Church. One can see centuries-old life size statues inside the church. Resonant bells of the belfry can be heard from miles away. The Church also has a museum that was inaugurated in 2005.  The Church was part of the Archdiocese of Mexico until 1595 AD; it was originally dedicated to “Our Lady of the Assumption”. Bantayan has the distinction of being the first parish established outside Cebu in 1580 AD(by the Augustinians) and it holds the distinction of being the oldest parish in the Visayas and Mindanao. The Original Church was first destroyed by Muslim Raiders in 1600 AD; it was destroyed four more times by calamities and Muslim Raiders. The church was again burned and destroyed by the Moro Rebels in 1600 AD, the Church was repaired and renovated the same very year.  The work on existing structure commenced in 1839AD and was finished in 1863AD. The Bantayan Church has walls of coral stones just like most of the century-old Churches. It previously used to have a roof made of Tisa Clay but because of aging the clays broke down, the church’s existing roof is now made of Stainless Steel. Bantayan Church today is famous for its distinctively festive Holy Week, and is flooded with tourists during this time of year.


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