Hardly Working

While serving, I came across variety of characters, some characters are such that you  remember them even without having  any urge and while there are characters that you have to scratch your head really hard just to remember them. In the very initial years of my service,  a senior officer was posted with us. The officer was demoted two steps down in another setup, due to misconduct and was transferred in our setup. Although he was very senior in age and service but after demotion he was having  grade/appointment equivalent to me. Being  of  same rank/grade I had to interact with him quite  frequently. I always found Mr. Demoted  very active and busy. Number of times as  junior officer, I  felt embarrassed having nothing to do while Mr. Demoted  was always busy in doing something.

A presentation was arranged  by us for introducing a new piece of equipment.  About one hundred and fifty persons were invited to attend the show,  Chief Executive had to give the presentation. We all reached the site much before time,  all arrangements were complete except few lower staff personnel carrying out last minute fixing,cleaning and polishing jobs. Finding the time, the Chief Executive went to the rostrum and started final rehearsal of  the presentation, I stared around looking for some work but could not find one, I sat down and started listening to the rehearsal, meanwhile, Mr. demoted was extremely busy. He moved quickly to a place, called a person and gave him instructions, than moved to another place and called another  person  and gave him instructions, so and so forth. He looked really busy, feeling embarrassed, siting like a lazy duck, I decided and joined Mr. Demoted to share some of his work. He  moved to one corner and I moved with him, he ensured remaining  within the view of Chief Executive, he called a person, asked his name, birth place, family and other such like details, than he moved to another place,  again remaining within the view of the Chief Executive and stopped a passing employee, took a small personal interview and told him to continue whatever he was doing. Perplexed by his actions, I asked him that what he was doing. He gave me a very cool smile and said ” The Chief Executive must be thinking that I am working very hard”.

Sad News  After sometime, while I was serving at another station, I inquired about Mr. Demoted, I got the news that he has been shunted out of service.

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