Famous Churches-The Cathedral Church of Ss. Mary and Nicholas,Seoul,South Korea

The Anglican Cathedral Church of Sts. Mary & Nicholas, Seoul, South Korea.

The Cathedral Church of Ss. Mary and Nicholas Close to Deoksu Palace and across from City Hall in Seoul, South Korea. This Church is the mother Church and Cathedral for the Anglican Diocese of Seoul.  The Anglican Church in Korea became a province in its own right in 1993. The construction of “Seoul Cathedral, Anglican Church of Korea began in 1922, it had a unique Romanesque structure. However, due to financial constraints, the church was partially completed by 1926. The Church was used in its incomplete form for seventy years; the construction was finished in 1996 after a worker of British Museum found its original plans and returned those plans to the Church. The interior of the church is quite restrained, there are some beautiful art hanging on the walls and  the sanctuary is dominated by a very large mosaic.


  1. 1909 – The Anglican Church purchased a large piece of land and finalized the plan to construct The Cathedral.
  2. 1917 – The church asked Sir Arthur Dixon, a member of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) to design the cathedral.
  3. 1922 – The construction of Seoul Cathedral was started.
  4. 1926 – Due to financial difficulties, only about a half of the original construction plan was completed.
  5. 1950 – The Dean and a priest of the Cathedral were taken with Sister Marie-Clare by the Communists and martyred.
  6. 1965 – The dioceses of Seoul and Daejon were separated. The first Korean bishop of the Seoul diocese was inaugurated at the cathedral.
  7. 1978 – Seoul Anglican Cathedral is named important cultural asset.
  8. 1987 – The cathedral became a key historical site of the June 10th Protest.
  9. 1991 – The plan for its expansion started.
  10. 1996 – The expansion of The Cathedral was completed.

2 thoughts on “Famous Churches-The Cathedral Church of Ss. Mary and Nicholas,Seoul,South Korea

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  2. Hello,

    I have recently arrived in Seoul due to a job opportunity. Can you tell me where the Church is located? I would love to attend your service while I am here.

    Thank you
    Fernando Santos

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