Beautiful Churches – St. Sophia Orthodox Cathedral,Harbin,China

Church of St. Sophia Urban Area, Daoli District, Harbin, China

St. Sophia Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1907 after the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway in 1903, which connected Vladivostok to northeast China. ). St. Sophia Church was built and completed with timber. The St. Sophia Church is located at the junction of Toulin Street and Zhaolin Street. It stands at,  The Church is constructed over an area of 721 square meters (0.18 acres) and is 53.3 meters (175 ft) high. It is the perfect example of Neo-Byzantine architecture. The areal view of main structure looks like a cross. The main hall is topped with a huge green tipped dome In 1949 by the victorious Communists of Peoples Republic of China ended all Christian missionary work and treaties were signed between the Soviet and Chinese governments that provided for the turning over of Russian churches to Chinese control. The cathedral was thus closed from the period of the Great Leap Forward (1958–61) and Cultural Revolution (1966–76).

Since the church remained no longer was in use, St. Sophia had undergone considerable decline by the 1990’s, splendid Russian painted murals that decorated the church’s arched walls were destroyed out of recognition. In 1997, the Harbin government under took to rehabilitate the decades of wear and tear but as the original Russian murals were lost completely, they were replaced by topically new murals depicting the architectural history of the Harbin community. The crosses that were removed in six places were replaced.


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