Salvation Army Church, Kamahan, Lahore, Pakistan

Salvation Army Church, Kamahan, Lahore, Pakistan

Most of the Churches in Pakistan were constructed before independence, when  “The Britishers were ruling combined India and Pakistan. Although few churches have been constructed after independence from the British rule, except one or two odd churches in Islamabad, there is hardly any worth mentioning church built in Pakistan from architectural and construction point of view. The reason is basically the poor financial standing of christian community and slow growth of Christianity in the country as a whole.

Salvation Army Church, Kamahan, Lahore, Pakistan was  intially constructed in 1956 with total land 22 Kanals(11000 Square Yards). Most of the land was grabbed by local local land mafia, only 3.5 Kanals land was left with the Church by 2000. Due to internal church rifts, it remained the centre of controvercies till 2007. In 2007, the leftover church land was divided between two contesting parties. Now the Salvation Army Church has one Kanal(500 Square Yards) Land, on half Kanal land the Church Building has been constructed and over the other half kanal land the pastor house has been constructed.

The Church is a good example of the reasons for the decline of Christianity in Pakistan.


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