Famous Churches – St. James’ Church, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, India

St. James’ Church, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, India

St. James’ Church, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, India was built to replace an older one with the same name, which was situated in Nebutolla Lane, near Amherst Street.  While repairing the old church building that was affected by white ants, the roof of the church caved in during the early hours of 23rd August, 1858, the church building was converted in a desolate pile of ruins and it was decided to build New Church in a more convenient locality.  For this purpose the garden house of Mr. Coates together with its spacious grounds was acquired for this purpose.  A smaller house in the grounds was also acquired simultaneously for the residence of the Chaplain.  This property was situated opposite to the Female European Orphan Asylum, across the road, which had been founded during July 1815 by Mrs. Thompson, the wife of Rev. T. Thompson. The Foundation stone of the Church and the school were laid on 7th June 1826, by the Peter Grant, acting Lt. Governor of Bengal. The Church was consecrated by Bishop Cotton on St. James Day, 25th July 1864.

The Architecture adopted was early English Gothic with traces of Norman details.  A few variations were adopted to suit the Indian climate.  The general view of the building, outwardly, resembles structure with a succession of pointed arches resting as it were, on the floor. The ground plan is in shape of a cross, the top of which is the Sanctuary; the arms being the Transepts and the foot, being the Nave.  This simple form, called the ‘Cruciform’, was introduced by the early Norman builders. The outer walls of the Church are firmly supported on all sides by well-proportioned buttresses. It has two double-tire towers over which rise the lofty spires, each 128 feet high, which are also surmounted with large metal crosses. The altar, a beautiful piece of work executed in white marble, is ornamented with an elaborately carved panel depicting “The Last Supper”, which is flanked by two small panels in grey marble intersected with six slender columns in red and grey.  On both sides of the altar are two large panels also in grey marble.  On top of the altar is laid in one large piece of solid white marble from the center of which rises a high Tabernacle also of white marble.


One thought on “Famous Churches – St. James’ Church, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, India

  1. Hi I am a member of St. James’ Church The year The Foundation stone of the Church was laid is 7th June 1862, and not 1826 as mentioned above please make the change . Thank you .

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