Beautiful Churches – St. Andrews Church, Andreevsky Spusk, Kiev, Ukraine

St. Andrews Church, Andreevsky Spusk, Kiev, UKraine

According to legend, the site where the Dnepr River flows today used to be a sea, when Saint Andrew came to Kiev,he placed a cross on the site where Andreevskaya Church stands today. The sea receded and only small amount of water remained under the Andreevskaya Mountain. When the St. Andrews Church was built, a spring appeared under the altar. That’s why Andreevskaya Church doesn’t have bells. The legend further says that the sound of bells would awake sleeping water, and Kiev would be drowned. St. Andrews Church( Andreevskaya Church) was built by order of Russian Empress Elizabeth who intended to make Kiev her summer residence. Architect Bartholomeo Rastrelli was entrusted with the responsibility to construct the Church. From 1749 to 1754, the construction was carried out under guidance of Ivan Michurin, an architect from Moscow.
St. Andrews Church (Andreevskaya Church) is the perfect example of baroque style: it features good organization, majesty, abundance of gold and rich embellishment. self-expression and peculiarity make St. Andrews Church (Andreevskaya Church) one of the masterpieces of indigenous architecture of the 18 century. Among its sacred objects is a part of Saint Andrew relics that was delivered from Italy and now is kept in precious shrine. Pilgrims also value the Gospel in diamond setting that was presented to the church by Emperor Alexander. St. Andrews Church  is one of four architectural landmarks of Ukraine, which were put down on the List of Mankind Treasures of Five Continents by the world society.

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