Famous Churches – St. Demetrios Church “on blood”, Uglich, Russia

Church of St.Demetrius on Blood, Uglich, Russia

Uglich is a small town on the Volga River 200 km to the North off Moscow. As the border town of Moscow, it was burnt several times by Lithuanians, Tatars and the grand prince of Tver. Infamous event in the town’s history took place on May 15, 1591 when the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible, Dmitry a 10-year old boy was found dead with his throat cut in the palace courtyard. According to the legend the St. Demetrios Church was built on the place of death of Prince Dimity on May 15 1591. St. Demetrios Church is a monument devoted to the last person originated from the famous family of Rurikovich. St. Demetrios Church consists of the three parts: the altar, the double filament main section, the worship, refectory and vestibule with porch. The facade is decorated with intricate brickwork. After the war of 1608-1611, a wooden chapel and later a wooden church was built on this place. In 1638 Tsar Michael Fyodorovich Romanov ordered “to erect a stone church” here. In 1692 the stone church was built at the expense of Princess Cherkasova, the relative of Dimity’s mother, former Tsarina Maria Nagaya. St. Demetrios Church is a five-dome building with refectory and without piers.


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