Famous Churches – St. Stephen’s Basilica (Szent István Bazilika), Budapest, Hungary

St. Stephen’s Basilica is dedicated to the first king of Hungary “King St. Stephen”. St. Stephen’s Basilica is the most important church building, the third highest building in Hungary and one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest.  The height of the building is 96 meters (315 ft), width is 55 meters (180 ft), and length is 87.4 meters (287 ft).The construction of St. Stephen’s Basilica was started in 1851 and completed in 1905 after 54 years; delay can be attributed to the collapse of the dome in 1868 which required complete demolition of already constructed works. Architecture is Neo-Classical; ground plan is a Greek cross with similarities to St. Paul’s Cathedral of London. The basilica is rather dark and dull inside, St. Stephen’s Basilica can accommodate about 8500 persons. St. Stephen’s Basilica houses Hungary’s most sacred treasure, St Stephen’s mummified right hand, the Szent Jobb (Holy Right Hand).


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