Famous Churches – Ulm Cathedral, Ulm, Germany

Ulm Cathedral, Ulm, Germany
Ulm Cathedral, Germany

Ulm Cathedral is a Lutheran Church located in Ulm, Germany. City of Ulm is the site of a ancient Roman fortress and now the home of the tallest cathedral spire in the world and is also the birth city of Albert Einstein. Ulm Cathedral is a wonderful work of engineering and architecture holds the world’s tallest church spire having a height of 161m. Work began on Ulm Cathedral in 1377, and was carried on in intervals until 1545.  It took another 300 years to get finished, when work began once again in 1844 and the cathedral was finally completed in 1890. Tower construction started in 1419, construction of octagonal tower section started in 1492, construction halted in 1529, final stages of tower construction and Ulm Cathedral completed in 1844- 1890.The length of the Ulm Cathedral is 464 ft, 159 feet wide and 530 feet(161.53 meter) high tower with covered area of       5 100 m2. The gigantic interior has the capacity to accommodate about 30,000 persons. The Ulm Cathedral tower is the tallest Church Tower worldwide.


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