Famous Churches – The Französischer Dom, Berlin, Germany

Französischer Dom, Berlin, Germany

The Franzosischer Dom (French cathedral) was designed in 1701 by architects Louis Cayard and Abraham Quesnay in order to serve the French community in Berlin and to serve as a religious home for the Huguenots who had fled persecution in France.  The Franzosischer Dom stands on Gedarmenmarkt, directly opposite its identical twin, the Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral). The first parts of the Französischer Dom, Berlin were built during 1701 to 1705 by the Huguenot community. It was modeled after the destroyed Huguenot church in Charenton-Saint-Maurice of France. In 1785 Carl Von Gontard modified the cathedral and built the domed tower. Französischer Dom, Berlin was significantly damaged in World War II, it was re-built during 1977 to 1988. The 55 m tower of the Französischer Dom, Berlin looks very impressive. The Franzosischer Dom also contains a restaurant that is located in the basement, directly under the prayer hall and the tower contains the Huguenot Museum of Berlin.


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