Famous Churches – Myeongdong Cathedral,Myeongdong,Korea

Myeongdong Cathedral,Myeongdong,Korea

The Cathedral Church of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Myeongdong, commonly known as Myeongdong Cathedral is the main Catholic Church in Korea. Myeongdong Cathedral is also regarded as the icon of Myeong-dong because of its impressive, glorious building, Gothic Revival Architecture and beautiful Gothic Interior.  The excellent location the church draws large number of visitors.

The construction of Myeongdong Cathedral started in 1894 and was completed in May 29, 1898. The main building is 23Meter high and the sharp tower that is 45 meters high makes its prominent among the other buildings. The church buildings were constructed with bricks but the color and shapes of the bricks are all different, It was constructed of twenty types of locally fired red and gray bricks. The basement has a small sanctuary and basement graveyard, where the remains of the martyrs are enshrined. In the 1970s and 1980s, Myeong Dong Cathedral became a central point for the democracy movement in Korea and played and important role in social developments and the expansion of human rights. Myeong Dong Cathedral was designated National Historic Site on November 22, 1977


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