Beautiful Churches – Benedictine Abbey Ottobeuren, Germany

Benedictine Abbey Ottobeuren, Germany

Benedictine Abbey Ottobeurenwas founded in 764 by Blessed Toto and dedicated to St. Alexander, the martyr. Toto, its first abbot, died about 815 and that St. Ulric was its abbot in 972.The Church of the Be­ne­dic­tine Abbey at Ot­to­beu­ren was de­si­gned by Jo­hann Mi­chael Fi­scher, an 18th-century Ba­va­rian ar­chi­tect. The de­sign of Benedictine Abbey Ottobeurenis based on a con­ven­tio­nal ba­si­lica. The ex­te­rior, though ba­ro­que, is re­la­tively sim­ple and restrai­ned, in con­trast the in­te­rior is rich and highly decorated. After 8th century the fires, wars and waning interest threatened the monastery over the next 900 years. The Abbey’s stunning museum and amazing Baroque basilica are two attractions for the visitors. In the early 18th century, the Abbey’s reputation was returned to its former stature by the efforts of Abbot Rupert NessAbbey and its properties were annexed (secularized) by the Bavarian government at the start of the 19th century.  Although its independence was later restored by the king of Bavaria, the Abbey never recovered its former importance.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Churches – Benedictine Abbey Ottobeuren, Germany

  1. Hello Rogers!

    I have been searching for this church! I have a pencil drawing by an artist who I believe did a drawing of the back of this church. I am searching for the artist who did the drawing. I felt if I could identify the structure first that would help! Do you know if there is a rectory behind the church?
    Your picture is great! Thanks for sharing!

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