Beautiful Churches – St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia

St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia

St Andrew’s is an Anglican Church of Australia and is the mother church of the Diocese of Sydney. Situated above busy Town Hall Railway Station, St Andrew’s Cathedral is in the heart of Sydney. St Andrew’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1868. The Chapter House was built in 1886. Major restoration work was undertaken in 1999-2000 to bring the Cathedral up to its present state of good order. St Andrew’s Cathedral is a large, twin-towered, Victorian, Gothic-revival cathedral. St Andrew’s Cathedral is one of the city’s finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture. Interior is quite bright for a church. There is a delightful ceiling, and lovely, simple, stained-glass windows, depicting events both in the life of Christ, and also in the foundation of the church in the south Pacific. Large Bible in a glass case was an original edition of the Great Bible, given to the cathedral in 1953 by St Andrew’s Barnwell, Gloucestershire.


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