Popular Churches – St. Mary of the Angels Basilica,Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

St. Marys Church, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

St. Mary of the Angels Basilica, formerly St. Mary’s Church, is a basilica located in Yarra Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. On 27 November 1842, a small wooden chapel was erected on Geelong’s Yarra Street, with donations from the congregation. This humble hut was one of Geelong’s first Churches. In the next few years an influx of Irish immigrants swelled the district’s Catholic population to around 1,000. In 1846 the foundations for a stone church were laid on the present site with donations from generous congregation. Catholics in Geelong had grown and the congregation needed an even larger church. In August 19,  1846 foundation stone laid for a permanent church designed by Melbourne architect, Samuel Jackson amid widespread celebrations,  however, in 1856, work on the new church ceased. The arrival of Archdeacon Slattery to Geelong in 1871 was the catalyst for work to commence on the new church and in 1872 the new St Mary of the Angels was dedicated. In 1931 work began on the completion of the church as it appeared in the original plans. In June 1937, St. Mary of the Angels could be cherished in all its majesty.


Monday to Friday

St. Marys Basilica   7:00am, 10:00am

St.Marys Basilica  9:00am, 6:00pm (Vigil)

St. Marys Basilica  7:30am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:15pm (Polish), 5:30pm


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