Kisha Shën Mëri Vllaherna (Church of Saint Mary of Vllaherna),Berat, Albania

Kisha Shën Mëri Vllaherna (Church of Saint Mary of Vllaherna)

The city of Berat is called the town of a thousand windows, and it is one of the oldest towns in Albania, thought to have been founded in the 6th century BC. Kisha Shën Mëri Vllaherna (Church of Saint Mary of Vllaherna), is situated in the city of Berat near Saint Nicolas and Saint Costandin and Helena. It is preserved and in good condition.  This building is St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, perched high on the side of a hill and inside the third century fortress of Berat.  St. Mary’s Orthodox Church was built in the 13th century AD. It is built in a different style and uses stones mixed with bricks. The church was closed. It has 16th Century frescoes painted by Son of Onufri.

One thought on “Kisha Shën Mëri Vllaherna (Church of Saint Mary of Vllaherna),Berat, Albania

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