Grundtvigs Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

Grundtvigs Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

Known as the largest public Evangelical Lutheran Church in Scandinavia, Grundtvigs Church is located in the north-west area of the outskirts of Copenhagen and 6 km from the city centre. Grundtvigs Church was built in the period from 1921 to 1940 and as a remembrance and monument to honor the reformer,  theologian and hymn writer N. F. S. Grundtvig (1783–1872) – one of the most important and influential persons in newer Danish history. The Church was placed high on top of Bispebjerg Hill in the north-western outskirts of Copenhagen and the architecture was influenced by the national-romantic movement. The foundation stone was laid on Grundtvigs birthdaySeptember 8th – 1921 and inaugurated on September 8th – 1940. The yellow brick church is of cathedral proportionswith its impressive building construction and architectural style that is a divided and historical combination between a cathedral and ancient Danish country churches with crow-stepped gables.

Interior – Grundtvigs Church, Copenhagen

The main architect P. V. Jensen Klint – who died in 1930 – was succeeded by his son Kaare Klint and later his grandson Esben Klint. It took nearly 20 years to finalize this huge building project – which is the largest protestant and public Evangelical Lutheran church in Scandinavia. Tower of the Grundtvigs Church is 49 meters high, Total length is 76 meters and Total breadth is 35 meters.


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