St. Lawrence Church, Karachi, Pakistan

St. Lawrence Church, Karachi, Pakistan

St. Lawrence’s Church, Karachi is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi. It became a parish in 1912. The Church was constructed with elements of Mughal architecture in it. Lawrence Cajetan Duarte donated the life-size statue of the patron saint which was ordered from Rome in 1930. The church was built by parishioners through personal contributions (1903 – 1929), and formally opened on August 10, 1931. The first High Mass was offered in 1929 without roof and doors and people brought their own stools and chairs. The Church is located at Soldier Bazar, Saddar, Karachi.

The parish has produced more than 70 doctors, numerous educationists and entrepreneurs, and houses 11 Religious Orders, 5 Homes for the Aged and Orphans, and the only Dispensary for the poor in the archdiocese.

One thought on “St. Lawrence Church, Karachi, Pakistan

  1. There is a big mistake. The photograph you have for St. Lawrence Church, Karachi, Pakistan that is near Soldier Bazar and Gafoori Masjid is absolutely not of the church described–no domes visible on top.

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