St Pauls Church, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

St Pauls Church, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

The Church of Saint Paul in Rawalpindi is the second oldest in this city after Christ Church which was built 150 years ago. Its construction was started by East India Company 1876 and was completed in 1908.The Church’s first brick was laid in 1876 but  Official date of construction of the Church is given as 1908.  The height is more than 65 ft. It was renovated recently, to celebrate 100 years of its existence.  Rawalpindi Cantonment was then home to the Northern Command of the British army and cosidered as the last outpost of the Empire. British troops used to come to the Church for Sunday prayers. The stone of the building was laid by Rev G J Chree BD.  British pastors reigned supreme Until 1942,. It was in 1943 that the first native Rev Peter was appointed as assistant pastor. In 1947, the Church was handed over to the United Presbyterian Church run by the American missionaries.

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