Champakulam Kalloorkadu St. Marys Forane Church,Kerala, India

Champakulam Kalloorkadu St. Marys Forane Church

Champakulam is a remote village in Kuttanadu Taluk of Alleppey District. The River Pampa flows through the village, splitting it into two. The ancient Church at Champakulam has a unique place in the history of Christianity in Malabar. It was involved in many historic events. It had a pivotal place in the efforts of reunion of Catholic Syrians and the Jacobite Syrians in the 18th century. Originating from Niranom church, Champakulam had very close relations with the Jacobite Syrian group and many Jacobite Syrian priests. Champakulam Kalloorkadu St. Marys Forane Church is an ancient Christian Church in Kerala, India. It belongs to the Syro Malabar Church under the eparchy of Changanacherry. It is a Forane church, with several Parishes under it. Champakulam Church is the mother church of almost all Catholic Syrian churches in Alleppey district in Kerala State. It was founded in AD 427. The Christian community of Kalloorkkadu originated from the Niranom Church which was founded by St. Thomas the Apostle himself. Champakulam comes among the second generation of ancient St Thomas Christian Churches in Malabar which were formed from the so called seven first generation churches founded by St Thomas the Apostlehimself.

Interior – St. Marys Forane Church, Kerala, India

The church was bolstered by the Devanarayanans of the Chempakassery Kingdom and had very close relations with the Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Swamy Temple which was the head quarters of the Kings of Chembakasserry. Even today, Champakulam Church participates in the famous Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, which is a commemoration of the Procession of the idol of Lord Krishna to Ambalapuzha by providing rope and bamboo every year for the boat race as a ritual.

Rebuilt many times and the many rock inscriptions found around the church tell us about the history of the church. The open air Rock Cross at Champakulam church is one of the most ancient ones with clear documentation of its antiquity up to AD 1151. There are many archaeological artifacts found around the church about its history. ‘Shradham- Chatham’ conducted in commemoration of the death of St. Joseph is held on 19 March every year. It attracts thousands of devotees to Kalloorkadu Churchfrom far of places

Kalloorkkadu St. Marys Forane Church, Kerala, India

Church Timings

  • Sundays :                  6.00AM, 7.15AM, 9.30AM, 4.00PM
  • Other Days :                         6.00AM, 7.00AM
  • Wednesdays :                     6.00AM, 4.00PM

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