St Mary’s Basilica Church, Russell Market Square, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, India

St Mary’s Basilica Church in Bangalore, Karnataka

During the 17th Century, few Christians came from Ginjee, of Tamil Nadu, found that the land was fertile to sow white rice and began to settle down and built a small village, thus the formation of the city of Bangalore and the formation of St. Mary’s Church are found to be interlinked with the history of Karnataka. St Mary’s Basilica Church in Bangalore is the oldest church and was designed in the Gothic Architecture.  It has a vaulted tower and arches decorated with Gothic paint. St Mary’s Church is a highly admired church situated opposite the Russell Market Square close to the Shivaji Nagar Bus Terminal of Bangalore. A French missionary named Abbe Dubois Built this Church in 1818. The church is understood to have been consecrated by the Catholics of the East HB Baselios Paulose II. The basilica was initially built as a small chapel by Abbe Dubois, however, afterward; Reverend L.E. Kleiner got it transformed into an ornate Gothic style church. Many columns and tall spires of this basilica could be viewed from quite a distance.

Interior – St. Mary’s Basilica, Bangalore, India

In 1882, St. Mary’s Basilica was embellished with a large number of stained glass windows, imported from Paris. However, during World War II, these windows were detached and then again restored in the year 1947. It was only in 1973 that Saint Mary’s Church of Bangalore was given the status of a Basilica, making it the sixth Basilica in India. The Virgin Mary’s festival is celebrated annually in September. During the festival, thousands throng the place with great fervor. As per history, in the ancient days, there was a well known ritual of parading the image of Virgin Mary in the streets. Once, this procession was stoned by a radical sect. According to legend, the people who were involved in this condemnable act were struck by cholera and died of the disease. St. Mary’s Basilica Church, Bangalore, was again attacked by an atrocious group of people who set it ablaze. Everything was ruined except the wooden statue of Virgin Mary.

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