The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is the oldest Catholic Church in Singapore but does not possess the architecture splendor like other cathedrals / churches. It is located in the Museum Planning Area within the Civic District. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd was constructed in the Neo-Gothic Style in 1897.It is located in the heart of downtown San Sebastian. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd was designed by the Basque Architect Manuel De Echave. There are a lot of stained glass windows (designed by Juan Bautista Lazaro) in the church that allows a lot of light into the building.  There is a sculpture of Christ as the Good Shepherd above the altar. The Cathedral has several side altars done in gold leaf which are beautiful. The church also contains the country’s oldest pipe organ – still in good condition and is played occasionally.

Interior – Good Shepherd Cathedral

The building is built in sandstone from the Monte Igueldo quarries and there is a tower that measures 75 m in height, built by Ramon Cortazar. There are statues of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, San Antonio, Santa Teresa, and the Sagrado Corazon. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is located in the Ensanche de Amara. The Mass is well-organized and there are a lot of Usherettes to assist  you in the Church.

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd has a fascinating association with the History Of Korea’s Catholic Martyrs. Saint Laurent-Marie-Joseph Imbert, in all probability the first Catholic priest to the island, died a martyr in Korea and the church’s name “Good Shepherd” was inspired by what he wrote knowing the persecutions the missionaries will face “In desperate circumstances, the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.” The church has a very dynamic congregation.


  1. 1833 — First permanent Roman Catholic house of worship in Singapore blessed and opened.
  2. 1843 — Foundation stone laid by John Connolly on the Feast of Corpus Christi.
  3. 1847 — Church of the Good Shepherd blessed and opened by Father Jean-Marie Beurel.
  4. 1859 — Original Parochial House (now Archbishop’s House) completed.
  5. 1888 — Elevated to the status of cathedral when the Diocese of Malacca was revived.
  6. 1889 — Extension of the nave at the west end completed.
  7. 1897 — Consecration of the Cathedral by Bishop René-Michel-Marie Fée.
  8. 1908 — Dwarf wall, gate pillars, and ornamental cast iron gates and railings around the grounds completed.
  9. 1911 — Second Parochial House (now Cathedral Rectory) designed by Father Charles-Benedict Nain completed.
  10. 1912 — Gallery Organ dedicated by Bishop Marie-Luc-Alphonse-Emile Barillon.
  11. 1913-1914 — Electric lights and fans introduced.
  12. 1942 — Used as an emergency hospital during the invasion of Singapore.
  13. 1973 — Gazetted a national monument.
  14. 1983 — Sanctuary remodeled.
  15. 1992 — Widening of Victoria Street causing the boundary of the grounds to be moved back.

Mass Timmings

Sat. Sunset Mass : 6:30pm

English Sunday Mass : 8:00am     English Sunday Mass : 10:00am     English Sunday Mass : 6:00pm     English Sunday Mass : 12:00pm     Korean  (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sunday)
Tagalog Mass (4th Sunday) : 11:45am     Tagalog  (4th Sunday)
Weekday Mass : 7:00am     English  (Monday to Saturday)
Weekday Mass : 1:15pm     English  (Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays))
Korean Mass (Wednesday) : 10:00am     Korean  (Every Wednesday in Korean)
Korean Mass (Every Sat except 3rd Sat) : 3:00pm     Korean

Bus Guide

Bus routes to the Church: 2, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 63, 80, 130, 133, 145, 197, 851, 960, 640, 647, & NR7 ,14, 36, 77, 106, 175, 147, 190, 171,700, MRT: City Hall & Circle Line : Bras Basah

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