Salta Cathedral, Argentina

Salta Cathedral, Salta, Argentina

Situated in Salta main square (9 de Julio), this church is a real piece of the soul of Argentina. The corn-yellow facade of this cathedral dominates the central plaza. The exterior is clearly colonial with its twin small bell towers and its light color, but what fascinate visitors more is the richly decorated interior, the amazing altar. This cathedral houses 16th-century statues of the Virgin Mary and the Cristo del Milagros, which were washed ashore when the Spanish ship transporting them sank. Inside you’ll find beautiful interiors of ocher, blue, green, and gold with angels and cherubs smiling from the ornate ceiling corners. It holds a pantheon of Salta’s luminaries, including local freedom fighter and strongman Martín Miguel de Güemes. There is a lovely side gallery of arches and beautiful floor tiles and an elaborate pulpit is perched to one side like a tiny gilded balcony.

Salta Cathedral, Argentina

Service Timings

Mon-Fri          6:30am-12:15pm and 4:30-8:15pm

Sat                   7:30am-12:15pm and 5-8:15pm

Sun                 7:30am-1pm and 5-9:15pm

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