Daily Strength – Learning from Nature

Daily Strength

August 23

Trees along the Canal

For many years, I had to travel a long distance along the canal in order to reach my office. While going to office and coming  back, I used to appreciate the trees, bushes and other scrubs  planted on  the canal bank. I used to notice that all the plantation was very healthy, moreover, no extra effort was required to water them,  roots of the plantation automatically drew water from the canal. I have observed in daily life that there are some families that flourish materially and  spiritually, apparently without much efforts, while other families keep on struggling. The difference between the two is that the former families are  planted along the streams of good moral, educational, cultural and spirituals values, the roots of  members of these families keep on drawing inspiration from already available source and requires very little efforts for proper grooming, while the latter families are away from all these things. Our homes should be overflowing with all the good virtues so that children can benefit from it.


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