FGA Church an Joseph Colony Burnt by Mob

FGA Church, Badami Bagh, LahoreJoseph Colony is a residential area, where mostly poor Christians reside. These people were living in slum type houses, where they had little or no access to clean water and  sanitation. Most of the Christians were living below the official poverty  line. The christian community was peace loving,  poor and busy in earning income for the days meal, so that there family do not sleep without evening meal. Most of the houses here were devoid of important accessories like refrigerator, color TV etc. People here were God fearing, Law abiding and were waiting for a miracle to change there life for better.


This episode of burning Joseph Colony, where about 150 Christian families were residing, started at 1pm and ended in the evening on March 9, 2013.

Burning Households of Christians of Joseph Colony
Burning Households of Christians of Joseph Colony

As the story goes,  Shahid Imran alleged that Christian Boy Savan used to utter blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he said that on Thursday he again uttered blasphemous remarks. In the evening, he shared it with his friend Shafiq, who picked up a knife and went straight to Savan’s house. Reaching there, Shafiq hurled abuses by shouting and challenging Savan to come out. Savan’s family members told Shafiq that would hand over Savan to him whenever they find him. At 12pm Friday, Shafiq gathered some other boys and reached Savan’s house. Meanwhile, Muslims of the adjoining localities also reached there to join him against the accused. The situation went out of control when people reached the spot after offering prayer. The scared Christians left their houses and fled, immediately all houses were abandoned. The charged mob started throwing bricks and some of them even tried to burn the entire locality.

AnalysisJoseph Colony 8

Pakistan is a country, where terrorists, extremists and religious hawks are having a free hand to do whatsoever they like. Law enforcing agencies and government intelligence organizations has completely failed. What to talk of minorities, majority itself is not safe.  Bomb Blasts, target killing, organized crime, gang actions, dacoits, and street crimes are the order of the day. Majority Shiites Muslims are already having tough time in hands of extremist groups; minorities are living under shadow of constant fear. Joseph Colony 9A motivated blame on you by someone and you, your family, your community, your property and even your neighborhood is at a great risk. It is time for people of Pakistan to change their thinking, promote moderate thinking, shun extremism, and select good government. We have to amend all those laws, which threaten a community and make good laws that promote love, peace, mutual respect and harmony.

NOTE: If you are interested to join us in order to rebuild this devastated community, contact rogerstahir@yahoo.com

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