The Burning Cross

Burning Cross
Burning Cross


The first of the Crusades began in 1095 AD and ended in 1099 AD; the Second Crusade began in 1147 AD and ended in 1154 AD. All major crusades almost eight in number were finished by 1299 AD and by the end of 16th century, the concept of crusades was almost altogether nonexistent. Pakistan came into existence in 1947, amidst strong polarization between Hindus and Muslims. This religious polarization resulted in emergence of strong religious groups. In order to maintain their existence after partition of India, these strong religious groups diverted their activities towards sectarianism, inter-religion and communal violence. Fuel to the fire was added by anti Pakistan forces that were already in search of suitable opportunities to weaken this country. Involvement of Pakistan in war against Russia in Afghanistan provided latest weapons hands of these extremists and they developed into a strong and organized fighting force. Under influence of these influential extremist groups, several laws were enacted without considering its impact on religious minorities and weak sects. Now the genie is out of the bottle and folk on the road are paying the price.

Burning Church
Burning Church


Christian Minority is not the only victim; people are being killed in cold blood every day. However, minorities in Pakistan are in deep sense insecurity because of laws, which threaten their life and property.  People in majority perhaps do not understand the constant fear and threat under which minorities are living. For example, if anyone today wrongly blames my family or me under these laws, from the next moment:-

  • My complete family is under severe threat to be killed immediately by someone who believes that my blood is his ticket to paradise.
  • If still alive, I am likely to be taken into custody by law enforcing agency and I would be severely tortured due to severe hatred for me without considering that I may be innocent.
  •  If I am acquitted in trial, I have to go in hiding and live life under constant fear until death.Joseph Colony

Some persons like Governor Salman Taseer gathered courage to speak against this injustice but were unfortunately killed by paradise seekers. No major or minor political party has now been left with courage to even murmur against all this injustice, all they do is fire fighting when incident like Joseph Colony, Gojra, Shantinagar etc happens.

Future Outlook

No relief is foreseen in near future, however, it is time for minorities in Pakistan to unite and prepare a line of action so that our next generation shall not live under constant fear and threat. Few points are as follows:-

  • Create a united minority political group that shall have focused approach on major minority problems.
  • Minorities shall only support a political party in election, which clearly mentions resolution of key problems in their manifesto.
  • All minorities and threatened groups shall form a coalition and support each other when any one of them is threatened
  •  Socially boycott minority parliamentarians if they do not actively fight for minority rights inside and outside parliament
  • Shall create a media center that shall focus on injustice being committed on minority communities

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