Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG)

Cathedral Universal Church of Kingdom of God (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cathedral: Universal Church of Kingdom of God (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) (Igreja Universal do Reino de) is a Pentecostal Christian denomination founded in 1977 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Edir Macedo, its self-appointed bishop. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) owes its successful evangelistic program to Bishop Robert McAlister, a Canadian missionary in the Pentecostal tradition. Today there are approximately 5,000 churches in Brazil, with the headquarters in Rio de Janeiro holding up to 12,000 people at a time. It had established temples in the United Kingdom and, since 1992, set up temples in Africa and in India, gaining millions of members overseas. The church identifies with Prosperity Theology, and in the late 1990s started trying to change its image of being associated with the poorest people. In 1998 Macedo appointed his nephew Marcelo Crivella as Bishop. Crivella said, “We want to win the middle class”. The church has frequently been accused of illegal activities, including money laundering, charlatanism, and witchcraft. The church is accused of extracting money from its often poor congregants, and using it to enrich UCKG leaders rather than assisting the needy. Accusations of charlatanism are the most frequent. The church has been under formal investigation in Belgium. Newspapers in the US, UK, Brazil and Zambia have reported on abuses charged against the church.


2 thoughts on “Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG)

  1. In 2015 My name rank and serial number in The kingdom Of God in Leadership id Sister Dymphna(Dayna,Dana) Clingain; Bible -Believing Baptized in The Name of the father , Son, and the Holy Spirit, according to the Gospel of St.Matthew 28:19 in the Universal Church of the kingdom of God and St. Agatha’s Roman Catholic Church kingston on Thames(pronounced tems)Surrey, England(God’s Book:(Basic Instruction Booklet for living on Earth).with the understanding that jesus the messiah is God in all His fulllness.;and according to the Book of The Acts of The Apostles It IS Written in holy Scripture: Acts 2:38 in The Embassy of the Rock Euclid Foursquare Church and , in an Apostolic Pentacostal Chapel “Grace Chapel” which is also affililated with and part of the AFWC The Apostolic Federation of the World Congress –The Copngressof jesus in the One nation Under god with Liberty and justice –The Congress of the United States of America, It Is Written in the United States of America’s Constitution of The United States of America and provides for Those living in the United States the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”., and for the alien from religiously supressed countries such as the one I originated from , the right of Freedom of religion, and as our Permanent Alien resident Card (Green Card) states,on the back of it:”The person identified by this card has the right to work and reside in the U.S.”The Universal Church of the kingdom of God and it’s existence for God’s people to serve Him and heal the wounds of other churches who have left their people unattended and suffering at the hands of the enemy of their souls and lives, and rejected God’s anointed and punished them for going forth assisting those who they were either too good to assist or because of the fact that they only help people if they have a man or woman interested in them as a husband orwife, otherwise they ignore and think lessof them and behave as though they are non-existant although they are visibly serving God in His kingdom on earth and in right standing with The Messiah Our Lord and Saviour jesus the Christ ofnazareth and Our Heavenly Father Himself Jeshua Ha’amasheia the God of All.Remember, The Word of God says It Is Written: ‘Whatever ye do to one of these My little ones ye do unto Me”,,”If you’ reject me, you’reject The One Who sent me””It’s a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of an angry God”.”God never afflicts”,Whatever ye ask in The name of Jesus, believing ye shall receive”,Whatever ye ask of Me in My Name believing, ye shall receive”..In the year 1988-89 in the New York sanctuary of The universal Church of the kingdom of God in Manhattan and Brooklyn New York, I was employed as God’s servant with the title fo “Helper”.That title is simply a beginning of ministry and a time of learning and training and a time to learn how to rectify your mistakes, following the instruction given by the leaders in your’ life.I continued on in The Lord Jesus Christ and in thework of the Ministry Honoring him,and have subsequently led Pastoral care ministries i the form of The Telecare Ministry of which Iwas the minister in charge(the headship) of that ministry and the ministry of the laying on of hands of the presbetry when people summoned our prayers at their hospital beds or we went upon the unction of The Holy Spirit to their bedsides at The Cleveland Clinic Hospitals, Meridia Huron Road Hospital, and the many nursing homes (healthcare facilities) where I’ve been employed on staff as well as through the medical staffing agency.working as a nursing assistant certooiiified by the State of Ohio. since 1991, on the Frontline of battle as a praise and worship team member and member of The Watchman Ministries and Spiritual warfare and training Ministry our ministry of teaching the use of God’s word and the Sword of the Spirit as It Is Written defeating satan(the devil) and his angels(devils) posing as angels of light.O’Bispo Macedo (Bishop Macedo) is a gentleman of God who had a natural calling upon His life to serve God’s people on earth and ease the suffering he saw people going through from the whitchcraft-laden country and culture of Brazil particulary the poorer areas such as Sao-Paoula in Brazil’s South, and Rio DeJaneiro , a seemingly wealthy part of Brazil, however laden wih filth, flesh and sin.Bishop Macedo was thrown into prison in Brazil and was there for a few months and the enemieswere forced” to let him go free’ , as we command satan and his demons of darkness and the underworld,they had no charges to place against or upon him. At that time Bishop macedo was growing in Thelord under the leadership of The Church of The Last Days in Brazil, and when he testimonied “Free in Jesus Name!” out of there he founded and began The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.”The Price” was paid by His redeemer Our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ of Nazareth!Bishop’s dream and vision was and probably still is, was to have one church at least in every State in The United States of America, and at the time of my employ’ with Him and his staff in New York he had a total of seven hundred churches already serving Jesus Our Lord Our Messiah.Ministry isn’t always easy and not as glorious aspeople might tend to think and neither is it “secret flesh” at work. Ministry and ministers if played with are a very dangerous Godly tool through which God punishes as they pray His Word.They are the very people you’ might need in your’ lives to ‘fix that which is broken” because you’ were so busy “fixing that which was not”. and thought you’ destroyed it out of disgust, and “gave up”.It isn’t easy for me to sit here and write these words, on this websit of The Universal Church of The kingdom of God, however it never is hurtful or harmful to know the truth, for It is written:Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you’ Free”.
    What led me to write these comments here is what was written above where O’Bispo Macedo was accusedof being “selfappointed”..It’s a dangerous accusation ,forgetting that not only did he pay the price and suffered as many of his congregants in Brazil and elsewhere,they ignored the Power of The Holy Spirit within him. It’s The Holy Spirit who appoints, not oneself,!In the kingdom of God(Righteousness, Peace and Joy in The Holy Ghost(Holy Spirit) are not merely suggested tools for ministry, they are absolute requirements for your’ very lives.It’s literally impossible to serve in the level of deliverance and healing ministry in The Universal Churchof the Kingdom of God or anywhere else i that same fashion if one hasn’t received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues ” as it Is Written In the Holy Scriptures, and we remind for this reason we remind “diviners their place is in the lake of fire “as It Is Written.Divination is socery, and witchcraft and God’s Word . The Bible says:”Death be unto a witch”, so, brothers and sisters, think about these words:obviously we are a ministry of life. God’s Word says:It is Wirtten:Those who die before they reach one hundred years are under a curse” but God has given us the tools through and by which we break the curse and one of them is through The Redemption Blood of Our Lord Jesus the Christ of Nazareth,being loosed into the situations we are believing God to change in our lives and or the livesof those who requested prayer from us. we Never , absolutely Never, intrude or force prayer on anyone and neither do we argue Scripture because if we do that we are in disobedience to God’s order i His Word, and disobedience is rebellion and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft says The Lord In His word and death be unto a witch. It Is written.These words I’m writing are not merely parts of a “story book” and neither are they a little skit or something to laugh at , they are words of Life and they are for life and life more abundantly as Jesus said His Created purpose on earth is and was ,” that we would have life and life more abundantly”, the Scriptures tell us.The Word of God says and It Is Written: Judge yourselves lest no man judge you'”, and it is through our testimonies of victories against and over the tribulations and testings that man places upon ,mankind and not knowing how to apply The Word of Truth that says:”:Test the sp[irits to see if they are of The Lord”. These Scriptures are not to be used to abuse God’s anointed, they are to be used for your’ protection ord combined with the gifts of spiritual and general behavioural discernment displaying a particular behaviour or reaction in the everyday course of living is how we are to “test the spirits’, and not by willfully antagonizing someone and laughing and miocking them and then saying that you don’t like their attitude because used a vulgar word or became upset at your’ unGodly testings. Remember, there is no place in The Word of God that tells you that youhave permission to “beat up” on or abuse either yourself or others .The Scriptures tell us that we are to love others as we loveourselves, therefore God is saying thatwe are to love ourselves,right?After all,we are Created in God’s Image and we were not created to goto hell, or to experience it either, because if we “experienced it we wouldhave to go there’and no one on earth can cause you to go to hell if they are not the evil spirit to whom you would commit yourself or selves.Hell was created for the devil and his angels only, nothing more and nothing less, yet there are too many churches who think that halloween “trips to hell” are okay and acceptable to society, yet they are ignorant to the reprecussions and or effects they have on the spiritual lives of others.
    God’s word says:It Is Written:”You can punish every act of disobedience ONLY when your obedience is complete”.That’s where Scripture reveals to us the different levelsof holiness and perfection and strangely enough only the Roman Catholic Church is bold enough to teach that Scripture, however , in teaching that Scripture , it must be taught with those who have the authority to teach and are obedient to The Spirit of God instead of the spirit of one of these”My little ones”.God is Always God and he never changes He’s the Same yesterday, today, and forever”.I wriote this, because what might be disobedient in your life , might not be disopbedient in mine , depending upon our lives, The Word also says:It IS written:”Lead a quiet life and mind your own business”, Everyone’s relationship with God is personal and emminent.The enemies at one time thought they could hurl at me the Scripture where it is Written: the seven sons of sceva, where the demons wouldn’t leave. There is another Scripture that reminds us of what I’ve just explained to you aboput holiness, and that’s when we remember “you can’y cast out satan with satan”, and you cant overcome evil with evil, overcome evil with good”. The latter Scripture is often used in ministries where there are couples testing God’s people and thinking it’s okay totest to the points of abuse and sometimes death, and it isn’t. I, myself have heard some of them saying :”You put them through and I’ll take them through”. It’s not a game and God’s people are not toys, and believe me, in The Universal Churchof The Kingdom of God these abuses Never areprevalent, never! There is a healthy way of testing and God’s anger lasts only for a moment , but His favor (His love) lasts a lifetime It Is written: I pray that more people learn God’s way. because God is a God of Perfect love, and Perfect Love casts out fear(false evidence appearing real) It Is written
    Have a blessed Day, evening and life,
    In Jesus Name, I pray,
    Sister Dayna(Dymphna) Clingain

    For prayer I can be reached @ victoryismineministry@yahoo.com(Victory in Jesus Our Saviour Forever!He taught us He bought uswith His Redeeming Blood , everywhere I knew Him and all my love is due Him, He plunged me to victory in His cleansing flood(in His cleansing Blood).referring her to baptism by immersion as our example jesus the messiah was baptized in the River jordan It IS written:
    “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but The Lord delivers us out of them all”It Is Written!

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