Selfless, Caring and Loving

The Verse of the Day

Encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  1 Thessalonians 5:11

walking with dogLesson of the Day

I read a legendary folk story about a man who died with his dog. He found himself walking with his dog along a road. After a long walk they got thirsty, the man saw a beautiful fancy gate, he went there and asked the doorman, which was that place. The doorman told him this was a Paradise. The man asked if he can get some water to drink, the doorman replied “yes, you can come in and drink cold and sweet water”. The man asked I have a dog with me can I take him along. The doorman replied “I am sorry, pets are not allowed.” The man along with dog walked away. After sometime the man saw a house with no fence and gate. Housekeeper was sitting on a chair along the road; the man requested can I get water to drink, housekeeper replied “Yes, the hand pump is right there”. The man inquired “can I get water for my dog”. Housekeeper replied “Yes, The bowl for the dog is placed right next to the pump.” After drinking water the man asked the housekeeper about that place, the man replied “this is paradise”. The man said “but paradise was few kilometers back”. The housekeeper replied “you were being tested that was actually hell”.

In our daily life we often are selfish, uncaring and worried about our own problems, we forget about people who need our help. But we must remember Jesus Christ came to this world just for us, he faced worst torture and insults just for us and he accepted condemned and brutal death just for us. He wants us to be selfless, caring and loving, so that we can be like Him.

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