St. Lawrence Church, Macau

St. Lawrence Church, Macau
St. Lawrence Church, Macau

St. Lawrence Church is located on Avenue Sao Lorenzo and is approximately 4-5 minutes’ walking southwest past St. Augustine’s square . This church built by the Jesuits in wood, dates back to 1560, which makes it close to five centuries old. It was rebuilt in stone and even that reconstruction was over two hundred years ago, which of course makes it one of the oldest churches in Macau. St. Lawrence has a similar facade to the heavily visited St. Dominic’s in Senado Square but a larger and nicer interior. The wooden ceiling which is painted blue is most impressive and compliments the stained glass windows and generally decorative nature of the church.

St. Lawrence Church, Macau
St. Lawrence Church, Macau

The church is also straddled by garden and planted areas and there are some outdoor benches for visitors to rest. It is one of three similar churches as well as St. Augustine’s and St. Dominic’s to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage designation for the City Centre of Macau. It is said that the families of Portuguese seamen used to gather on these church steps to pray for their safe return home. This explains how this church got its Chinese name “Feng Shun Tang” or the ‘Church of Smooth-sailing Wind’.

The church interior is richly adorned with decorated pillars, a magnificent wooden ceiling painted turquoise with white and gold beams, embellished with beautiful chandeliers. Below the cupola, the imposing red-carpeted altar and exquisite stained glass windows complete an absolutely stunning visual effect.


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