Sewerage Disposal in a Cathedral

Cathedral Church, Lahore
The Cathedral Church of the Resurrection, Lahore

History of Cathedral Church of Ressurection, Lahore

The Cathedral Church of the Resurrection is an Anglican cathedral in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan. It was built on The Mall in 1887, opposite the Lahore High Court. Emperor Akbar granted formal permission for the construction of a church near the fort in 1595. On the order of Emperor Jahangir, it was closed in 1614. Ten years later, the church was re-opened but in 1632, on the orders of the Emperor Shah Jehan it was demolished, even though various missions continued to live and preach in Lahore. Two centuries later, the church was again established at Lahore by the British. Today the Cathedral Church of the Resurrection, Lahore is the center of the Lahore Diocese, which was carved out of the Diocese of Calcutta, the largest Anglican diocese in South Asia, in 1877, which included the area up to Delhi, East Punjab, Kashmir, Afghanistan, with some responsibility for the southern states of the Persian Gulf.

Threat to The Church, Today

PML(N) Government actions has always been anti-minorities, whenever they get a chance, they stealthily initiate anti-minorities actions. Latest action in line is the alignment of Orangeline Train. Government planners has kept alignment in such a way that four oldest churches of Lahore are under threat. As per Government plan, Cathedral Church of Resurrection, Lahore will now house Sewerage Disposal Station of this area, what a brilliant planning. The idea of disposing sewer in any place of worship is as dirty as Government hidden agenda towards minorities. What Punjab Government has done with youth of Yohanabad, Lahore is still a souring wound and now government is hell bent to deface the oldest churches of Lahore.

We strongly condemn the defacing and conversion of christian churches into sewerage disposal stations and also request World Community join hand to save minorities from being pray of systematic discrimination. We also request saner elements in Government to amend the plan, so that hawks should not successfully attack minorities in garb of projects like Orangeline Train.

“Emperor Shah Jehan demolished this Church and it reemerged as a Cathedral, we strongly believe that the God will carve a way to subvert this evil plan into something good for us. Amen”

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