Daily Strength – How Wise People Speak

Verse of the Day

The wise fear the LORD and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure Proverbs 14:16

Story of the Day

Climbing Tree
Climbing Tree

There were two boys hanging dangerously on  two tree branches in the garden. Suddenly there was noise as if the branch of tree was about to break. The father of first boy shouted “cling tightly, you will be safe”. The father of second boy shouted “stupid boy you are about to fall, who told you climb so high”. Feeling scared the second boy fell down from the tree, while the first boy remained postive and got down to the ground safely. When we speak, our words are important, these can make or break the listener. Positive words generate a positive reaction and negative words generate a negative reaction, the bottomline is “If our words cannot encourage, it should not at least discourage the listener”.

Prayer for the DayFaith

O Lord; we are grateful for all the good things that You provide us everyday, we are specially grateful that You have given us ability to communicate. Lord we request You to take charge of our speech, so that whatever we say, shall represent Your personality within us and shall represent Your words delivered from our mouth. Amen


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