6-years old Christina Abada abducted by ISIS found after 3 years

Christina Abada
Christina Abada with her Mother

The 3-year-old Christina Abada was reportedly taken out of her mother’s arms by militants in August 2014. After three years of separation, and her family fearing the worst, Christina is now with her parents and siblings. The extremists snatched Christina in August 2014 a few weeks after they overran the town of Qaraqosh about 10 miles southeast of Mosul, a region known as Nineveh Plain in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians had already fled, but Christina’s family stayed put because her dad, Khader, is blind. Her two sisters and two brothers had escaped to Kurdish territory before the jihadists arrived. Rumors had circulated about Christina’s survival, but especially in the last year, many feared the worst and had lost hope.

She stayed three years with the terrorists. Of course she forgot who her mother is, who her father is, and her other family members. The girl was found in Havy al-Tanak, a poor neighborhood of Mosul and she was reunited with her family at a refugee camp near the Kurdish capital of Erbil, where her parents have been living.

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