Daily Strength

Doctors and Nutritionists stress upon a balanced diet, in a balanced diet food quantity, quality, variety and timings are important.  Similarly, we need balanced regular spiritual diet to keep our overall personality healthy and strong. Daily interaction with God in shape of reading, listening, praying and sharing scriptures is extremely important for overall growth. I have made an endeavor to share my thoughts and experiences for our mutual benefit. I pray God to make this scribbling useful for our heart and mind.

  1. Daily Strength – Is it wise to Kneel before a statue
  2. Daily Strength – Fear Therapy
  3. Daily Strength – Man with Two Heads
  4. Daily Strength – Good Samaritan
  5. Daily Strength – Share the blessings     
  6. Daily Strength –  New heaven, new earth and new Jerusalem
  7. Daily Strength – Happy, Joyful and Contended Family
  8. Daily Strength –  Sabbath
  9. Daily Strength –  Search your Neighbor
  10. Daily Strength –  Learn from Nature
  11. Daily Strength –  The Sun, The Moon and The Earth
  12. Daily Strength –  The Strange Love
  13. Daily Strength –  God planned to Bless Us All
  14. Daily Strength –  The Message of Hope and Method to Share it
  15. Daily Strength –  Breaking the Sound Barrier
  16. Selfless, Caring and Loving
  17. Act of Loving Kindness
  18. Sense of Gratitude
  19. Be Merciful
  20. Lamp to my feet and a light for my path
  21. Stress Buster
  22. Love your Enemies
  23. Forgiving one another
  24. Strength of my Heart
  25. Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven
  26. Passport to Eternal Life
  27. Salvation is Guaranteed
  28. Contentment, Happiness and Mental Peace
  29. Commandment with a Promise
  30. Shinning Christmas Star
  31. A Thankful Heart
  32. Save your Soul and Body
  33. Good and Perfect Gift
  34. Arrogant even in prayers
  35. Let your light rise in the darkness
  36. Family Love
  37. Anger Management

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