Beautiful Churches – The Aachen Cathedral, Aachen, Germany

The Aachen Cathedral, Aachen, Germany
The Aachen Cathedral, Aachen, Germany

Aachen Cathedral constructed by Charlemagne in 805 AD, its unique design has been very dominant in the German Church Architecture. The Aachen Cathedral is the oldest Cathedral in northern Europe and was known as the “Royal Church of St. Mary at Aachen“.  Aachen Cathedral is also famous as the Kaiserdom of Aachen, it is one of the grand buildings in Europe and a church of immense historical value. Aachen Cathedral is the coronation church of more than 30 German kings, burial site of Charlemagne. The Aachen Cathedral contains lots of valuable objects from the middle ages. It is a very important historical site too. The Aachen Cathedral treasury includes the Cross of Lothair, the Bust of Charlemagne and the Persephone sarcophagusThe Aachen Cathedral was the first German building to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1978. The Aachen Cathedral is the main attraction of the city of Aachen. Cross of Lothair, encased in gold and silver and encrusted with jewels and engraved gems, was actually made over a century after Lothair’s death for one of the Ottonian dynasty, the successors of the Carolingian dynasty. The Cross is still used in church processions today.

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